AMA Tower Residences - AMENITIES

Live according to your heart’s desire with a rich roster of modern lifestyle amenities for work, play or relaxation. All of these are carefully designed to suit your multi-faceted, fast-paced urban lifestyle.

Although AMA Tower Residences are probably located in the most idyllic location in Metro Manila, the developer still wanted to ensure that residents could have as best lifestyle as possible without the need for any travelling where possible and so they included in their project a number of popular amenities.

The covered multi-purpose hall is exactly that, an indoor space where residents can host family gatherings, work meetings or be the venue for any number of social events, allowing residents to partake in a full calendar of social activities without having to leave their residential building. Although many residential projects today may have a swimming pool, few, if any have the added splendor of a fountain and waterfall. For those residents that feel they main gain pounds not having long commutes every day, the fully equipped fitness center will help them keep those pounds off and afterwards they can relax and rejuvenate in the Jacuzzi.

Safety and Security

So as to allow residents to feel free of the hustle of the city, the developer also included some landscaped areas in the project, affording residents to relax in a calming setting. Of course in order to relax completely, you must feel that you, your family and your property are safe and secure. In order for residents to feel that safety and security, the developer installed CCTV and has 24 hour security. There is also a back-up power supply for the common areas for when needed, adding to the project’s security.

The amenities provided by AMA Tower Residences are therefore among the best that can be found in any residential complex but even so, the close proximity to the different amenities in the EDSA-Ortigas complex ensures that everything that a resident may need for an upscale, sophisticated lifestyle is readily at hand and easily accessible.

With its location and all its amenities, it is hardly any wonder that when the project opened it made the Philippines real estate industry look in awe and wonder as to how they would be able to match such standards in the future. The residents that do reside in the AMA Towers Residences will number among the few in Manila that can choose their level and diversity of lifestyle and yet have all that they need for the choice they make, on their doorstep and yet still not have far to go when it’s time for work.

  • Remote-contactor lighting control system (for common areas and parking)
  • Complete Wi-Fi facilities for all floors
  • Telephone system (telephone provisions for all units)
  • Community Antennae Television (CATV) System (cable TV provisions)
  • Addressable-type Fire Detection and Alarm System or FDAS (control panel, smoke detectors, heat detectors, speakers)
  • Public Address / Background Music / Evacuation System (wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted speakers)
  • Single early-streamer emission (ESE) type lightning arrester with grounding system
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Adult and Kiddie Pools with Man-Made Falls/Fountain
  • Fitness center
  • Specialty shops and concept stores
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • CCTV Secured
  • Audio intercom system
  • Standby generator set
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